Frequently Asked Questions

1, What age can start your program?

Because it is parents working with their children this program is suitable for child as young as 2years old.



2, Can Parents use this program to learn Self Defence?

Yes, the programs work better when the child and parent are working and learning together.



3, Is this program suitable for families with more than one child that would like to do this?


Yes, the more children the better. The children can help each other and will progress faster.


4, With the children be able to grade and achieve belts?

Yes, it is optional, the grading work well to teach children how to achieve targets and build self-confidences?


5, can parents also take gradings


Yes the grading help the children to improve as it give them something to work towards.


6, How does the grades work?

Once the parent feels ready and has completed everything on the syllabus for that grading, they complete the grading form and pay the current fee, and e-mail video clip of students completing the syllabus to [email protected] on successful passing a belt and certificate will be posted out to the student.


7, What happens if the student fails?

The student will be given further instruction and allowed to retake the grading free of charge.


8, How goes the Private lessons work?

Student arranges a Zoom call with Phiilip Bartlette. By e-mail [email protected]



9, what happens if a students want to stop the program?


There is no contract so students can stop the program at anytime.




10, Is there a free trail?

 Yes the first lesson is free



11, How do we get the equipment needed


We have an online shop with approved equipment