Learn to Teach your Child Self-Defence

Learn to teach your child one of the most important life skill that will benefit your child for life. Bully proof your child teach your child Self-Defence and Anti-Bullying techniques that will stay with them for life. These techniques will also benefit Adults as well.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons If you want some quality one on one tuition why not book a private lesson with Phillip Bartlett. You can book a Private Session with me our one of our Instructors over Zoom. if you need extra help or special advice or special training needs. choose from 1, Anti-Bullying and Self...


Parents Awards

Parents Awards Lil-Dynos will be working with parents to offer Parent awards.This is a specific target set by the parent/guardian with an achievable time limit.This could be cleaning your room weekly over a certain period, helping around the house, stop temper tantrums and so on.It is up to...


Childrens Program

The physical aspects of the class have an emphasis on fun, teaching the fundamentals of martial art.Self-defence is an important life skill and it is the essence of this martial art.The life skills part of the class focuses on the tenants of Martial Arts which teaches courtesy, integrity,...


Children Safety Foundation

Child Safety Foundation’s aim is to promote the safety of our children by empowering and equipping them to be confident, achieve their goals and be leaders as they grow into positive strong young people. Learn to teach your child one of the most important life skills that will benefit your...