Black Belt 3rd Dan


Black Belt 4th Dan

3rd Dan Grading

Bag Work warm up
3 * 1 minute rounds

PadWork:- (30 seconds on each)
Straight shots
Rapid roundhouse kicks to the pad
Rapid Front kicks to the pad
Spinning hook kick to pad
Spinning crescent kick to pad

Punch combos from other grades +
Double jab, spinning back fist (rear arm), cross to body, hook (fa), upper cut(ba).
Hook(fa),Cross, Double Jab, Bolo(ba), Hook (fa), Spinning Back Fist (ba).
Palm heel (fa), Upper Cut(fa), Hook (ba), Jab, Cross, Jab.
Kick combo’s from other grades +
Front kick (fl), Jump scissor front kick (fl), spinning hook (bl), round house (same leg).
Front, Side, Axe (all fl), Spinning Crescent (bl), Jump Scissor front kick (fl).
Spinning back kick, Jumping knee strike (bl), Axe, Round, Axe (same leg) (fl).

Combinations from other grades +
Jab, Cross, Hook, Upper Cut, Jab, (alternate arms), Front Kick (knee, body,head).
Side Kick (fl), Hook Kick (fl), Cross, Hook Body(fa), Upper Cut (ba), spinning back kick.
One step Axe kick (fl), spinning hook kick (bl), crescent kick (fl), inverted kick (fl), Jab, Upper cut (same arm) Cross, hook (fa).

Self defence/ attacks from ground rear, side and front.
Shadow sparring 5 * 1 mins (15 second rest)
Bag work
Speed work
Sparring to bag
Teaching :-
Selected kicks and punches
Stretching :- various arms & legs

Repeated in opposite guard after each section.

Fa = Front arm
Ba= Back arm
Fl = Front leg
Bl= Back leg