Black Belt 2nd Dan


Black Belt 3rd Dan

2nd Dan Grading

Bag Work warm up
3 * 1 minute rounds
PadWork:- (30 seconds on each)
Straight shots
Rapid roundhouse kicks to the pad
Rapid Front kicks to the pad
Jab, cross, uppercut, hook spinning back fist (alternate arms).
Double jab, hook (same arm), uppercut, spinning elbow strike.
Hook, cross, upper cut, cross, spinning back fist, cross, hook (alternate arms).
Palm heel strike to the nose, cross to the body, uppercut head, cross, hook (alternate arms)
3 Jabs moving forward, cross & hook (same arm), uppercut, Hammer punch, spinning back fist.
Jab, cross, jab, hook, uppercut, palm heel, spinning backfist, Knife hand, spinning elbow.
Jump scissor front kick, (front leg), round house back leg, hook kick (same leg).
Side kick (front leg),front kick, round kick (off back leg), jumping knee strike (other leg).
Axe kick (back leg), front kick, hook kick (back leg), side kick (back leg), front kick (knee, body, head) off the other leg.
Jumping knee strike off the back leg, spinning back kick.
Spinning crescent kick, side kick (same leg)
Spinning hook kick, front kick (same leg)
Left hook, left uppercut, right elbow, jumping knee strike back leg.
Front kick, hookkick back leg, axe kick alternate leg, left upper cut, right uppercut, spinning elbow strike.
Sliding side kick frontleg, spinning axe kick, jump front kick alternate legs, right cross, left upper elbow, jumping knee strike.
Roundkick front leg to body and head, spinning back kick, left cross, hook kick back leg, drop down right cross to body, jumping into knee strike back leg.
Self defence/ attacks from ground rear, side and front.
Shadow sparring 3 * 2 mins
Pad work
Speed work
Sparring with pads
Teaching :-
Selected kicks and punches
Stretching :- various arms & legs

Repeated in opposite guard after each section.