Green Belt


Green Belt Blue Tag

6th KUP Grading


Left Hook to body
Right Hook to body
Left Hook to body & head then right hand over top
Right Hook to head, Left Upper Cut to head right hand
over top.


Spinning Back Kick (back leg)
Inverted Crescent kick (front leg)
Hook Kick (front leg)
Crescent Kick (back leg)


Double Jab, Hook Kick front leg , Right Cross to body, left Hook to head.
Left Upper Cut, Front Kick, Roundhouse Kick back leg, right hook.
Side Kick front leg, Spinning Back Kick, Left Cross,
right Upper Cut, hook Kick (front leg).
One Step Hook Kick front leg, right hand over top, left hook,Spinning, back Kick.


3 + Self Defence moves
1 against Jab cross
Bag work 2 * 1 min rounds
Back Kick to bag with power
Shadow Sparring 3 * 1 min rounds